VGM/Punk nonsense detailing the inner emotional lives of early 90s video game characters.

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Boxes Full of Dreams

Shoes On, Now!
A Christmas song written especially for our residency at Trackd ready for you to fill with festive ideas.

Followers (trackd collaboration)

Shoes On, Now!
This is a cut back instrumental version of one of the songs on our upcoming album. We want to see how different you can make this!

Unnamed chiptune for Trackd collaboration

Shoes On, Now!
This is a chiptune melody we haven’t found a home for yet and we’d love to see what the community can do with it.

Running Away (Chiptune)

Shoes On, Now!
A track from the chiptune edition of our upcoming album Backwards compatible

Running Away

Shoes On, Now!
A track from our upcoming album Backwards Compatible

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