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i/i Building Layered Vocals

I then used the remainder tracks to layer up the main vocal and an octave harmony multiple times. This is an example, excuse my ‘ooooooo’s!

i/i Initial Vocal Idea

After layering the guitar idea on Track 1, on Track 2 I sang these first two lines to see what the melody would sound like and they stuck

i/i Initial Guitar Idea

The initial guitar idea that became the song ‘i/i’

Heavenly Father

'Heavenly Father' is the first single to be released from my upcoming album. It comes out this Friday (15/09/17) ?

i/i - Dan Bettridge

(A revised version) A quick experiment with layering my voice.

New guitar test (Open to vocals)

While writing my album sometimes I come out with things that are sonically very different from everything else I've done.

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