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One of Music’s Great Stories…

Trackd is not just your average music app thrown together by some cool guys and girls to a corporate brief -- it is built by musicians for musicians on the back of a powerful musical story.

In 1968, British brothers Norman and Barry Sheffield opened Trident Studios at St. Anne’s Court, Soho. The studio was always at the pinnacle of recording tech and very soon attracted the big-hitting stars of the time. You know, artists like The Beatles, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Queen & Elton John to drop but a few names.

What the original studio stood for and achieved inspired us to do something that matters to music. Trackd was born at SXSW a couple of years ago in a fateful meeting over a taco, and we carry the heart and soul of the original studio with us into today’s musical universe. Read about Norman and his life with Trident Studios here. Follow our blog for more stories about Trackd as we go.

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The Team

Russell IconRussell Sheffield

Russell is a music die-hard. He’s a drummer by day and by night he manages some incredible bands. Before Trackd he had success in FinTech and design. Russ’s biggest skill is uncovering amazing talent and linking people together to get huge results.

JamesJames Eaton

James is a musician and songwriter who previously rocked it in The Argonauts. A supreme organiser, he’s helped Trackd from a kitchen-table startup to a global force and ‘best new app’ in the App Store. He’s using Trackd to kickstart a cool new music project due out in 2016.

AaronAaron Ray

Aaron is a musician and app king with over 50M Downloads to his name. He’s been a drummer since day one and is pretty good on the keys too. At Trackd, Aaron keeps the dev flowing and currently holds the records for most collabs in the app.